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Post-op for Deep Cleaning

Scaling and Root Planning

After Treatment

-It is normal for your gums to feel tender. We strongly recommend rinsing twice daily for two days with warm (not hot) salt water to speed-up healing and reduce tenderness. Dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of 8oz (1 cup) warm water. Take 2-3 200mg tablets of ibuprophen (Advil) every 4 hours as needed for discomfort and anti-inflammatory effect.

-It is normal for your teeth to be sensitive to cold and hot foods or liquids after deep cleaning. Should this become problematic, try using a tooth paste for sensitive teeth. If your sensitivity continues, please call our office.

-For 2 days after your deep cleaning avoid any small hard foods that might get caught under the gum tissue. Examples include popcorn, nuts, and seeds (poppy seeds, strawberry jam, etc.). It is unlikely, yet it is possible to develop a gum abscess if these foods are caught under the tissue (when the gums heal they tighten, which traps these foods).

-It is very important to continue thorough homecare: brushing & flossing to remove plaque. Leaving plaque on the teeth will slow healing and greatly minimize the benefits of treatment.

-If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us.